FATH Group wins Keymitt as technology partner for the development of an innovative keyless entry system

The FATH Group supports Keymitt S.A. with the introduction of a new keyless access system for private and commercial use. Keymitt is a Luxembourg based company developing IoT systems. With over 25 years of experience in the development and manufacture of components, the FATH Group is a global player and one of the market leaders. Within the framework of the promotion of innovative ideas, Keymitt was able to convince.

The retrofittable Smart Lock System Keymitt can be easily installed on an existing lock on the inside of the door. “The technology for smart locks is not new. But there is a lot of inertia in development. This has the consequence that intelligent locks could not establish themselves in the market so quickly”, Vlad Gherciu – CEO of Keymitt S.A. describes the market situation. Keymitt Smart Lock System is a set of retrofit devices that can be mounted on existing mechanical locks and analogue intercoms. The system allows keyless access and can be operated via the Keymitt App. “We believe that there is a huge market for the retrofitting of intelligent locks for private households and are pleased to be part of the Keymitt story” explains Wido Fath – Managing Partner and CEO of the FATH Group, who is involved in the new project as part of the supervisory board of Keymitt S.A..

About Keymitt

The Keymitt lock system provides a keyless access solution for any household or business and fits most types of locks. The Keymitt Lock locks and unlocks doors using the smartphone and helps to monitor entrances. The electronic keys can be shared with family, friends and B&B guests. Every opening and closing of the door lock is documented. Retrofitting the door lock with Keymitt is simple and can be done without any previous knowledge or tools, while keeping the existing mechanical lock intact.

For further information please visit: www.keymitt.com

From left: Wido Fath — CEO of FATH GmbH and Vlad Gherciu — CEO of Keymitt at Websummit 2018